Who I am

Software Engineer living in San Francisco...via Sun Diego, CA. I like long walks on the beach and gangster rap. When I'm not plugged into the matrix, you can probably find me in a Super Smash Brothers lobby asserting my dominance..or getting richter at a resort nestled deep in the Sierra's...

...well that was a long 15 months. How was my quarantine? Glorious can best describe this past year. I feel rejuvenated after a stretch of 5 rotations around the sun, filled with non stop action here in the Bay Area. I contributed to open source projects, learned how to play piano/keyboard, purchased a mean truck, invested in crypto, and realized how much of a closet introvert I really am...let's dance.


Things I Play With

Started off low-level programming during my adolescent years and University. Shortly before graduating, my buddy introduced me to Python and web development, and have been dedicated ever since. Backend, Frontend, and all the weird stuff in between...I love it all.

  • K8s | Docker

  • Django | Python | Go

  • AWS | GCP

  • Vue | React

  • RaspberryPi

  • OpenSource


One more thing

Od czasu do czasu mówię po polsku, to wszystko na teraz...pa pa.