Who I am

Software Engineer living in San Francisco...via Sun Diego, CA. I like long walks on the beach and gangster rap. When I'm not plugged into the matrix, you can probably find me in a Fortnite lobby asserting my dominance via the T-pose..or getting richter at a resort nestled deep in the Sierra's.


Things I Play With

Started off low-level programming during my adolescent years and University. Once my mate introduced me to Python and web development, it was basically a wrap. Backend, Frontend, and all the weird stuff in between...I love it all.

  • K8s | Docker

  • Django | Python

  • AWS | GCP

  • Vue | React

  • RaspberryPi

  • OpenSource


One more thing

Od czasu do czasu mówię po polsku, to wszystko na teraz...pa pa.